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Automated Specimen Tube Sorters

Efficiency in Specimen Recieving


Due to modular design, our sorters provide an ideal solution for diverse and interchangeable laboratory requirements.

Bulk Loading

Easy and continuous sample loading in bulk with a capacity of up to 600 tubes.

High Capacity

Up to 2,350 tubes per hour (bulk-to-bulk), 700 tubes per hour (bulk-to-rack), and 1,200 tubes per hour (benchtop).

LIS Integration for Specimen Registration

Connects to any LIS system.

Tube Compatibility

Compatible with nearly all common vacuum specimen tube types and sizes.

User-Defined Sorting Rules

Sorting of tubes occurs through customer defined rules based on cap-color and/or barcode information or by rules defined from data received from the LIS.

Bulk-to-bulk or bulk-to-rack Output

The ATRAS is available in both bulk-to-bulk and bulk-to-rack to versions

Tube Cap Color Identification

Using a proprietary spectrometer which was developed in house by our engineers, our system recognizes the cap-color of every single tube thus enabling a confirmation check between the cap-color and the barcode.


Bulk-to-Rack Specimen Tube Sorter

ATRAS bulktobulk.png

Bulk-to-Bulk Specimen Tube Sorter

atras benchtop.jpg

Bulk-to-Bulk Bench-top Specimen Tube Sorter


  • Connects to any LIS

  • Operates inside a LAN

  • No internet required

  • Intuitive user interface


  • Staff in-service and phone support

  • 12-month warranty for repair or replacement of defective parts

  • Various service packages available 

Purchase Options

We offer several options to fit your budget:

  • Capital Purchase

  • Lease-to-Own

  • Long-Term Rental

Want to schedule a request a quote, or learn more?

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