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2 Ways your lab can get more done with less

The COVID-19 pandemic has put considerable constraints on the resources, staff and budgets of clinical laboratories. It is more imperative than ever to drive workflow efficiency and cost savings. To help achieve this, many clinical labs are turning to task automation. By using automation to simplify workflows and reduce manual tasks, labs save valuable time and money while improving accuracy and specimen processing turn-around times at the same time. Below are two ways you can take advantage of existing automation in your lab.

Method #1: Utilize Automated Tube Registration and Sorting Systems:

Specimen tube registration and sorting is still a manual process in many clinical laboratories today. With hundreds (in some cases thousands) of specimens coming in every night from outreach programs and remote collection sites, this manual task is very labor intensive. By using an automated bulk tube sorting system, labs have found they can accurately process more samples in far less time with less human input.

Kairos ID has two modular options:

  1. Bulk-To-Rack Automated Sorters: Dump incoming specimen into our BTR system and it will automatically register the samples, sort them, and place them directly into the analyzer racks!

  2. Bulk-To-Bulk Automated Sorters: Dump incoming specimen into our BTB system and it will automatically register the samples, sort them, and place them into the appropriate bin.

Because of its unique, modular design and high-throughput capacity of up to 2,350 tubes per hour, it is easy to see the significant ROI our automated systems can provide.

Method #2: Implement An Automated Tube Labeling System:

Kairos ID offers several automated tube labeling solutions. Our automated tube labeling systems replace the manual tasks of tube labeling by selecting the correct tube, perfectly applying the label to the tube, and performing quality control checks. Accomplished in less than two seconds per tube, your phlebotomy or lab personnel can be freed up to do the things that matter most – care for the patient. Whether you are pre-labeling blood tubes, creating phlebotomy kits, or having to label hundreds or thousands of aliquot tubes per hour, there is a Kairos ID solution for your lab. By the way, did you know that studies show automated tube labeling is at least five times faster than manual hand labeling of tubes[1]? This equates to significant labor cost savings and vastly improved accuracy.

In summary, our automated solutions for tube sorting and tube labeling are two ways your lab can increase efficiency and quality at the same time. Reach out to us today for a free virtual demonstration or to find out how much time and money Kairos ID can save your lab.

[1] Engerium, Onsite study conducted at Severance Hospital, Seoul, South Korea.


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