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Enter the details of your application in one of the below calculators to estimate your potential savings!

The below calculations represent estimates based on referenced assumptions. Experiences may vary and savings are not guaranteed.

Low Volume?  The compact Kairos ID M Series might be the system for you.

High Volume?  The Kairos ID GNT9 Series is designed for high volume kitting and tube dispensing.

[1] Includes unlabeled samples and misidentified specimens that result in the irrevocable loss of a sample. 

[2] Includes tubes with improperly applied labels that result in failed bar code scans along laboratory automation lines. Often, these labels are manually peeled off, straightened, and reapplied to the tube.

[3] Includes 30% additional cost above wage for benefits, taxes, etc. (

[4] Employee time savings is based on system performance vs. manual performance on tube preparation and labeling tasks (

[5] The estimated average cost of a misidentified specimen, excluding liability costs is $712 (

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