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Kairos ID GNT9 Series

System Features

Modular Assembly
Available in various layouts to meet the needs of inpatient, outpatient, ED, and reference labs, including options for:
• Expandable capacity
• Sealed or unsealed kits
• Self-serve kiosks
• Dual-dispensing

High Throughput

Holds 100 tubes per inlet for an hourly production volume up to 3,790 tubes (16-inlet configuration).

LIS Integration

LIS communicates with Kairos ID software to direct automated labeling and confirm patient match.

Tube Compatibility

Compatible with numerous tube types, including BD, Greiner, Ampulab, Insepack, Sarstedt and more.


Kairos ID GNT9 with Barcode Applicator Module, Kit Boxing Unit Module, and Kiosk Module


  • Connects to any LIS

  • HL7 compatible

  • Operates inside a LAN

  • No internet required

  • Statistical program provides in-depth analytics on users, draw times, and more. 


  • Staff in-service and phone support

  • Integration and interfacing provided free of charge

  • Repair swap out program

  • 12-month warranty for repair or replacement of defective parts

  • Various service packages available 

Purchase Options

We offer several options to fit your budget:

  • Capital Purchase

  • Lease-to-Own

  • Long-Term Rental

Barcode Applicator (BA) Module

Kit Boxing Unit (KBU) Module

Kiosk Module

Tray Dispensing Unit (TDU) Module

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